About Argentor


Argentor was founded in 1987 by Andre Coeckelbergh. Before Argentor, André had 10 years of experience at Degussa as head of the bullion trade and recuperation, catalysts, electroplating and precious metal based chemicals.

During this period he passed the essaying-exam at the Royal Mint of Belgium and was recognized as Commercial Essayer in Precious Metals. A few years later, the company “Argentor Essayers was a fact. Through his passion, expertise and impeccable reputation Argentor became a leading, successful and trustworthy company in the metal trading business. In 2010 the company is acquired by Jelle Oostvogels and Guido Cheers.

After an intensive collaboration with Andre Coeckelbergh, from 2011 onwards they take the full responsibility for the professional service which Argentor entails. Argentor is, above all, a trustworthy partner in the business of precious metals trading.

Currently a professional and motivated team of 10 people guarantee the settlement of the purchaseprocessing and sale of precious metals. The processing takes place mainly in the refinery E.me.Ko. The refinery operates independently alongside Argentor.

We are in the first place a thrustwurthy partner for the investor - large and small, professional or recreational . All transactions are processed in discretion and confidentiallity. Our website meets the highest safety standards to ensure your discretion and security, moreover Argentor can always supply new products , so your chance of buying counterfeit precious metal is reduced to 0.

Why Argentor?

  • A wide range of new-cast bars from in-house refining (EMEKO) and new-cast silver and gold bars from various LBMA-certified refineries.

  • A wide range of gold and silver investment coins at very strong market prices.

  • Fair daily prices for Au, Ag, Pt and Pd. Both in buying and selling.
  • Automatic price updates, even in your shopping cart!

  • Renowned company with 27 years of experience in the precious metals industry.
  • Member of the Royal Mint of Belgium.

  • Possibility of selling gold or silver in our Antwerp office.
  • Personal pickup or advice possible between office hours.


Why buy gold?

  • Gold is the only form of money that, in its 5000-years use by mankind, has never failed.

  • Currently there is only enough physical gold on earth to provide each person with one third ounce.
  • Gold constantly re-evaluated during history as a hedge for all the, excessively printed, currencies in circulation. Today, gold - to cover all the dollars printed by the Federal Reserve would have to be revalued at $15,000 per ounce.

  • In times of crisis, gold is a safe haven and has a big potential in terms of portfolio-value-increase.
  • Gold is a completely private and anonymous investment, which moreover is extremely portable.
  • Only when the interest rates rises above inflation, the price of gold could be reduced. As long as inflation is rising faster than the increase in nominal interest, the gold price will continue to be a bull market.


Why buy silver?

  • There is currently less investment-silver than gold available on Earth.
  • Currently there is only enough physical silver on earth to provide each person with one fourteenth ounce.
  • In addition to the fact that silver is money, silver has thousands of industrial applications. Silver is the best electrical conductor, heat conductor and reflective metal on the planet. Moreover, there are no known substitutes for it.
  • During the last 30 years, mankind has consumed more silver than is mined. We are close to a record low global stock!