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Gold... It's a subject you seem to read about more and more each day in financial newspapers and magazines. The price has been rising for more than a decade now and no other financial asset seems to do better. Therefore it's no wonder that the idea of investing in gold has become more and more popular over the past few years. Also, the volatility of the international investment market has caused the rise in faith in gold over other high risk investments. In times of crisis gold comes to the surface as a safe haven.

Gold is not quite the traditional asset that simply reacts to demand and supply. Should that be the case, the gold rate would have exploded many times before. After all, global demand is far higher than the actual gold supply. The market, however, is also heavily shaped by international and economical politics, and the existence of derivatives, such as paper gold certificates. In order to fully protect your assets it is, however, wise to stay clear of such certificates and to go for genuine physical gold. It is the only way to make sure that your investment offers you and your future buying power the protection you need.

You can turn to Argentor for both gold bars as well as coins, in several weights and purities. Furthermore, we offer you the possibility to buy gold in allocated secured storage through the control account.

Gold bars
Argentor offers a range of several gold bars going from 1 gram to 1 kilogram. We only provide newly produced gold bars (the only way to guarantee quality and purity) from our own refinery, Emeko, as well as LBMA certified refineries. Emeko gold bars are acknowledged worldwide and easily tradable hence they contain the highest possible purity of gold (999,9) and are delivered with certificate of authenticity. The LBMA certified gold bars are equally acknowledged worldwide and easily tradable because of their good delivery status, regardless of their refinery of origin. Just like the Emeko gold bars they contain the highest possible purity of gold (999,9) and are delivered with certificate of authenticity.

Gold coins
At Argentor you can choose from a wide range of modern bullion coins, such as the Maple Leaf, the Vienna Philharmonic and the Krugerrand, but also from several historical coins, such as the 50 Mexican peso's, 20 Belgian francs and the British Sovereign. Gold coins serve perfectly as a purchase of physical gold. You needn't pay VAT because they are considered as monetary gold. But even though all coins offered by Argentor are tested, they are never delivered with certificate as opposed to gold bars.

Control account
Argentor offers you the possibility to store (part of) your investments in gold on a control account. The gold you buy through the control account is allocated by Argentor as part of a larger amount of gold in several high security and fully insured vaults, property of Argentor Essayeurs, or other reliable and reputable third parties to whom Argentor gives the gold in custody. That way you needn't worry about pick-up and storage yourself. While your gold is being stored for you, you can rest assured that your investment is in safe hands.

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