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Here at Argentor Essayeurs, we follow the latest developments. We constantly optimize our service towards our customers. That’s why we offer you the possibility to store (a part of) your investments in precious metals on a control account. That way, you can manage your investment completely online and it is stored in our vault at Brinks. This vault is completely secured, fully insured and is offered to you free of charge. Also when you are managing your portfolio, you will not be charged any administration fees. Only if you wish to convert your portfolio to physical products, you will be charged a premium equal to the difference between the physical value and the amount on the control account.

The amount of the allocated precious metals on the control account is always equal to the stored amount in our vault at Brinks. This one to one ratio is continuously maintained and forms an essential part of our strategy. After all, we are not working with your precious metals; we are merely storing them for you. After any purchase of gold with your control account of Argentor Essayeurs, your investment is stored with an independent third party who will guarantee the safety of your goods for 100%.

The balance of your control account represents the current amount of physical gold at any moment. The balance of your account cannot be negative. After all, we are not a bank that provides credit lines for its customers.

What are the advantages of the control account? The premium you pay when buying with your control account is remarkably lower than when buying physical gold. After all, there is no shipment or handling in play. The control account you have with argentorshop also offers the possibility to manage your portfolio 24/7 from your home. Buying and selling at the current rates becomes as easy as clicking a button. Thanks to this new service, your discretion is guaranteed even more and without any loss of service.

With your control account, you can buy gold at the current gold rate + 1% and you sell gold at the current gold rate - 0.5%.


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