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Selling premium11.5%Pure weight500.00Purity999/1.000 - Fine Silver
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Selling premium7%Pure weight1,000.00Purity999,9/1.000 - Fine Silver
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Selling premium8%Pure weight1,000.00Purity999/1.000 - Fine Silver
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Selling premium6.5%Pure weight321.00Purity999/1.000 - Fine Silver
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Selling premium8%Pure weight5,000.00Purity999,9/1.000 - Fine Silver
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Selling premium4.5%Pure weight15,000.00Purity999/1.000 - Fine Silver
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Argentor offers a range of silver bars in several weights, from 250 grams to 1 kilogram. We only provide newly produced gold bars from several LBMA certified refineries. The silver bars are acknowledged worldwide and easily tradable because of their good delivery status. They contain the highest possible purity of silver (999) and are usually - depending on the refinery of origin - delivered with certificate of authenticity.

Silver bars serve perfectly as an investment in silver but do be aware that they are not the most appealing product for private customers. Namely because you have to pay 21% VAT since they are not considered as an investment tool, but as raw material. For private customers this makes silver bars less interesting because they will not be able to withdraw the VAT.

Silver coins, on the other hand, are traded under the VAT margin regulation and form a better option for private customers.