• Due to COVID-19 our office is currently closed. Orders can not be picked up in our office. Home delivery at reduced rate of € 15 (VAT incl.). Limited offer of bullion at unspecified delivery periods. All products offered on webshop are in stock or in backorder. You can reach us through info@argentorshop.be. Stay safe!

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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ


Yes. In order to guarantee the health of our clients and colleagues, our office will be closed starting from 18/03/2020. Unfortunately, we cannot foresee at this point when we will be able to open again. As soon as we have any updates regarding that matter, we will inform you through our webshop and through mailing. We do not take this decision lighthearted, but we see no other option.

Yes, you can place orders on our webshop but please take into account that we cannot give any updates regarding the delivery delays at this point. After all, the logistical network has been largely shut down as well and we depend mostly on external deliveries. We will make sure to inform you by mailing once we have a clearer view on the delivery delays. In case you prefer not to wait for your order, the time for placing an order is, unfortunately, not right at the moment.

Unfortunately, silver coins are not available for the time being. As a result of the low price, the demand for physical silver rose to such high levels that there are no more silver coins available worldwide. This proves just how small the silver market in fact is. Once the silver coins are available again, we will make sure to inform you through mailing.

You can, however order silver bars but do take into account that buying silver bars is not preferable for private customers. 21% VAT will always be charged because silver is seen as an industrial good, instead of an investment product. That is why silver bars are not interesting for private customers; they will never be able to reclaim the VAT they initially payed.

Buying silver through your company can be an option but make sure to counsel your accountant first on whether or not this can be booked. 

To those who have placed an order and are still in waiting for a confirmation for pickup or delivery, we ask your comprehension. Given the insane rush on gold and the exceptional circumstances caused by the virus, the response time on orders, e-mails and telephones was longer than you are probably used to. Our webshop team is doing its absolute best to keep up the standards of our client service.

Let’s take into account that precious metals deserve precious care and that we have to treat every order meticulously. That being said, your orders are fully insured and safely kept in our office in case they were fully on stock. There is no need to worry about the pick-up or delivery of your order in case you that did not happen yet.

Due to the closing of our office and the numerous orders being placed, you will from now on no longer have the option to choose for a pick-up at the store when placing your order. To compensate this inconvenience, we lowered our shipping fee to €15 (VAT excl.).

Please take into account that we cannot schedule deliveries every day of the week. The delivery dates will depend on the number of orders to be shipped out and of the number of people present in our office. As soon as your payment has been received onto our banking accounts, you will be contacted as soon as possible to schedule a delivery date.

In case your order was not (fully) on stock, we ask for your patience as well. Logistics are shutting down too which makes it impossible for our suppliers to ship out goods until the situation is back to normal. We will make sure to inform you by mailing once we have a clearer view on the delivery delays of your order.

Even though we are not reachable by telephone anymore, you can still contact us by e-mail on info@argentorshop.be. Some of our colleagues are working from home at the moment and are available for all your questions and remarks. You can also reach us through the contact form.