Gold Bar 1 gram | Mixed LBMA without certificate

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Product features
Buying premium -1.00
Selling premium 35%
Pure weight 1.00
Purity 999,9/1.000 - 24 carat
Dimensions N.v.t.
Manufacturer Mixed LBMA
Packaging N.a.
Certificate N.a.
Detailed product description
Gold bar of 1 gram from several LBMA certified refineries. LBMA certified gold bars are globally recognised and easily traded due to their ‘good delivery’ label. They contain the highest purity in gold (999,9). These ‘secondhand’ gold bars are delivered without a certificate.

Mixed LBMA

Argentor only trades with acknowledged and accredited refineries, mints and traders. Not only do we sell newly minted gold and silver bars directly from LBMA certified refineries, but also mixed good delivery gold bars supplied by acknowledged Belgian and international traders.
Mixed gold bars are always offered at a lower selling premium because we can buy these bars at lower rates ourselves! There is absolutely no difference in gold value between newly minted and mixed gold bars. The value in gold is the same, regardless of the gold bar being recently produced or 10 years ago.
The selection of mixed LBMA gold bars on offer always varies. Therefore it is not possible to order specific brands. We offer these bars until stock is exhausted.

No certificate

No, a gold bar without a certificate is not necessarily a forged gold bar! If we can offer you one piece of advice, it’s to not be blinded by the certificate of a gold bar, or the absence of one. We’ll admit that a sealed gold bar with a certificate looks nice, but that doesn’t give you any assurance about the bar itself. As if forgers would go to the trouble of faking a gold bar, but wouldn’t bother with the certificate or packaging.
In other words, the certificate does not guarantee the authenticity of the gold bar. A precious metals dealer will therefore never attach great importance to the presence of a certificate, or the lack thereof. Then why does such a certificate exist, you might ask. Simply, one producer once started to do so, so the demand for certificates quickly rose on the private market and the other producers have followed the example ever since.

Good delivery

The mixed gold bars we offer always come from LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) certified refineries and are therefore gold bars with a good delivery status. Only the refineries that comply with the essential requirements to trade on the London market are accredited by the LBMA and consequently registered on the LBMA good delivery List.
In a nutshell, it implies that the refinery:
+ Has to have a net worth of £15.000.000
+ Has to process more than 10 tons of gold per year
+ Has to process more than 30 tons of silver per year


Mixed LBMA gold bars are globally recognised and easily traded due to their ‘good delivery’ label. You can resell your mixed LBMA gold bar(s) at Argentor Essayeurs, as well as currency exchange offices, banks and other precious metal traders, both domestically as abroad.

Buying a good delivery gold bar of 1 gram

Good delivery gold bars are a perfect option for those wanting to invest in physical gold, given that you needn’t pay VAT on gold bars since they are considered as monetary gold. 

Selling a good delivery gold bar of 1 gram

You are more than welcome in our office to sell your good delivery gold bar of 1 gram. You needn't make an appointment to do so.
Our buying prices are adapted every minute to the actual gold rate and will only be hedged once you present the gold bar(s) in our office. You can easily check our live buying rates on this page.
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