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Product features
Buying premium -0.90
Selling premium 2.3%
Pure weight 100.00
Purity 999,9/1.000 - 24 carat
Dimensions 28,00 mm x 38,00 mm x 6,00 mm
Manufacturer Emeko
Packaging All Emeko gold bars from are sealed within a soft plastic wrapping.
Certificate Plastic certificate. In theory you don’t need a certificate to trade your gold bar. Nevertheless, it is advised to keep the gold bar within its original packing to prevent it from being damaged.
Detailed product description
Gold bar of 100 grams from the Belgian Mint certified refinery E.Me.Ko. Emeko gold bars are globally recognised and easily traded because they contain the highest purity in gold (999,9) and come with a certificate.
Edelmetalen Kortrijk – Emeko – is a Belgian refinery that was founded in 1953 by Herman Steenhoudt. Since the very beginning Emeko has been granted accreditation by the Royal Mint of Belgium for trading and assaying precious metals. Emeko remained a family-run business until 2012, when the company was sold to the holding behind Argentor Essayeurs ltd.
Due to a fire in the refinery, the production of Emeko gold bars was stopped in 2017. Since then, there have been only second-hand Emeko gold bars in circulation. Argentor only collaborates with approved and accredited refineries, currency houses and traders. From time to time we sell our own Emeko gold bars which were sold back to us by recognized Belgian & international traders and banks.
All these gold bars are in perfect condition as they have never been traded between individuals. Argentor also has all the knowledge and equipment to test these gold bars. This way you are still 100% sure you get value for money.
The best price guarantee
Emeko gold bars are always offered at a lower selling premium because we can buy these bars at lower rates ourselves! There is absolutely no difference in gold value between newly minted and Emeko gold bars. The value in gold is the same, regardless of the gold bar being recently produced or 10 years ago.
Emeko gold bars are globally recognised and easily traded. You can resell your Emeko gold bar(s) at Argentor Essayeurs, as well as currency exchange offices, banks and other precious metal traders, both domestically as abroad.
Buying a E.Me.Ko gold bar of 100 grams
Emeko gold bars are a perfect option for those wanting to invest in physical gold, given that you needn’t pay VAT on gold bars since they are considered as monetary gold.
Selling a E.Me.Ko gold bar of 100 grams
You can easily resell your Emeko gold bar(s) of 100 grams at Argentor Essayeurs. You needn't make an appointment to do so.
Our buying prices are adapted every minute to actuel gold rate and will only be hedged once you present the gold bar(s) in our office. You can easily check our live buying rates on this page.
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Gary Scott
Pontuel, rapide, efficace. Un service à recommander :)
Ik bestel altijd mijn goud aan argentor, ik vertrouw jullie volledig en als Ik bel zijn jullie supervriendelijk, verwacht van mij nog maar meerdere bestellingen in de toekomst, jullie zijn één topbedrijf met kwalitatieve producten en ik ben Heel tevreden over alles Mvg Kevin Caestecker
Right miniscule precise scale! unlike others! Correct best Price! Great Service! Best in Town ! Best in the Country! Always love to go back!
Excellent and professional service
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