Gold bar 50 x 1 gram Combibar | Valcambi

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Product features
Buying premium 1.00
Selling premium 8%
Pure weight 50.00
Purity 999,9/1.000 - 24 carat
Dimensions Meer info volgt
Manufacturer Valcambi
Packaging Alle Valcambi Combibaren worden geleverd in een harde plastic verpakking die dienst doet als certificaat.
Certificate Verpakking doet dienst als certificaat. In principe hebt u geen certificaat nodig om uw goudbaar te verhandelen, desalniettemin bewaart u de goudbaar best in haar originele verpakking om eventuele beschadigingen te voorkomen.
Detailed product description
Gold Combibar of 50 x 1 gram from the Swiss LBMA certified refinery Valcambi. Valcambi gold bars are globally recognised and easily traded due to their ‘good delivery’ label. They contain the highest purity in gold (999,9) and come with a certificate.


Valcambi is a Swiss refinery that was founded under the name ‘Valori & Cambi’ in 1961 by a group of private Swiss investors. Throughout the years the refinery has developed into one of the biggest players on the market, with a clientele consisting of some of the biggest mining companies in the world, several premium luxury watch manufacturers, the largest international banks, governments and Central Banks.
Valcambi offers a wide range of services, from refining to the production of cast & minted bars and the development of specialist semi-finished products for the watch industry, as well as design and manufacture of coins, medals, blanks and complex alloys.

Good Delivery

Valcambi is an LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) certified refinery and therefore produces gold bars with a good delivery status. Only the refineries that comply with the essential requirements to trade on the London market are accredited by the LBMA and consequently registered on the LBMA Good Delivery List.
In a nutshell, it implies that the refinery:
+ Has to have a net worth of £15.000.000,
+ Has to process more than 10 tons of gold per year;
+ Has to process more than 30 tons of silver per year


Valcambi gold bars are globally recognised and easily traded due to their ‘good delivery’ label. You can resell your Valcambi gold bar(s) at Argentor Essayeurs, as well as currency exchange offices, banks and other precious metal traders, both domestically and abroad.

Buying a Valcambi gold combibar of 50 x 1 gram

Valcambi gold bars are a perfect option for those wanting to invest in physical gold, given that you needn’t pay VAT on gold bars since they are considered as monetary gold.

Selling a Valcambi gold Combibar bar of 50 x 1 gram

You are more than welcome in our office to sell your Valcambi gold Combibar(s) of 50 x 1 gram. You needn't make an appointment to do so.
Our buying prices are adapted every minute to actuel gold rate and will only be hedged once you present the gold bar(s) in our office. You can easily check our live buying rates on this page.
Important: only when you sell the gold bar in its entirety will you receive the live buying rate as mentioned on our webshop! When you break the bar and sell it in multiple pieces, you will receive the rate for 24 carats scrap gold.
Argentor Essayeurs
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Jozef Van kerckhoven
Snelle en korrekte communicatie. Hopelijk wordt mijn bestelling vandaag geleverd. Dan is alles in orde. Prificiat.
Depuis des années je suis client chez Argentor , je constitue petit à petit une réserve de mini lingots d'or . Je suis toujours bien acceuillit et la communication par e mail est rapide et très efficace .
Betrouwbaar, snelle levering, snel contact na betaling voor afspraak levering, kortom telkens een leuke ervaring! Aanrader!
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