20 Belgian francs | Belgian Louis

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Product features
Buying premium -1.50
Selling premium 2.2%
Pure weight 5.80
Purity 900/1.000 - 21,6 carat
Dimensions 21,20 mm x 1,30 mm
Manufacturer Royal Mint of Belgium
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Detailed product description
The Belgian 20 BEF - Belgian Louis is a historic gold coin with a purity of 90% (21.6 carats). The 20 BEF - Belgian Louis weighs gross 6.45 grams, has a net weight of 5.8 grams and is a popular coin with numismatists and investors alike.

20 Belgian Franc - Belgian Louis

The Belgian 20 Franc was minted from 1865 through 1914 under the reigns of the first three Belgian kings, Leopold I, Leopold II and Albert I, respectively, and at the time, along with the 20 FF, 20 CHF and 20 ITL, belonged to the proverbial "euro-before-the-euro club.
When the Kingdom of Belgium was founded, it was not easy to choose a national currency. For economic and political reasons, the choice fell on the "franc" based on the French model. The coin therefore takes its name from the name given to French gold coins; "Louis d'or "1.
The golden 20 Belgian franc coin was first minted in 1865 in the year of King Leopold I's death and is thus the only golden 20 franc coin minted during his reign (1831-1865). From 1867 through 1882, gold 20 Belgian franc coins were again minted, this time under the reign of King Leopold II (1865 - 1909).
His successor, King Albert I, like Leopold I, did not run wild with the minting of gold, and only had gold coins minted in 1914 in a very limited edition. These were also the last 20 Belgian franc gold coins minted in Belgium. After all, with the outbreak of WWI, Belgium, like France, was forced to leave the gold standard of the Latin Mint Union.
1: That, although gold coins minted from the reign of Napoleon I Bonaparte until WW I are not in fact 'Louis d'or'. The 'Louis d'or' was minted from 1643 through 1789, under the reigns of four French kings, Louis (Louis) XIII, Louis (Louis) XIV, Louis (Louis) XV and Louis (Louis) XVI, respectively. In fact, gold coins minted from Napoleon I Bonaparte onwards, i.e., coins minted under Louis (Louis) XVIII, Charles X and Louis Philippe I, are referred to as "Napoléons.''

Purity & weight

The gold 20 BEF - Belgian Louis has a purity of 900/1,000 (21.6 carats) and a net weight of 5.8 grams (0.1865 troy ounces). The remaining 0.65 grams consists of copper. That alloy made the coin less likely to be damaged and thus resistant to wear from daily circulation. 

Design of the gold 20 Belgian franc - Belgian Louis

Leopold I | 1865
On the obverse of the coin we see the portrait of Leopold I, first king of Belgium. Around his portrait is also so marked; 'Leopold Premier roi des Belges'. Below the portrait of Leopold I we see the name 'L Wiener', after the engraver of the Mint of Belgium Leopold Wiener.
His name can appear on the coin in three different ways; 'L Wiener', 'L. Wiener' or the rare 'L. Winner'. This is because the engraver had, oddly enough, misspelled his own name during the last issue of the coin.
OThe reverse shows a wreath of oak leaves with the face value of the coin and the year of issue between them. On the edge of the coin is embossed the slogan "*****Dieu*protège*la*Belgique".
Leopold II | 1867 - 1882
The obverse of the coin shows the portrait of King Leopold II. Two different versions of this were designed; one from 1867 to 1870 and one from 1870 to 1882. In the second version of the portrait, some modifications were made; Leopold wears a slightly longer and fuller beard on it. In addition, his neck was made slightly wider and cut in a different way than on the first design.
Around his portrait is "Leopold II roi des Belges," and below the cut of his neck are the engraver's initials. After his mistake on the last coin of Leopold I, the engraver, Leopold Wiener, had probably decided that it was smarter to use only his initials; this significantly reduced the chance of spelling errors. At the bottom of the coin is the year of issue.
The coin side features the coat of arms of Belgium; the "Leo Belgicus" (Belgian Lion) in a circular shield with the Order of Leopold at the bottom. The shield is covered by an ermine cloak, representing the monarchy, crowned by the royal crown of Belgium. Above the coat of arms is the national motto "l'Union fait la force" (Unity makes power) and below it you will find the face value of the coin. On the edge of the coin is embossed the slogan "*****Dieu*protège*la*Belgique".
Albert I | 1914
The obverse shows the portrait of King Albert I in military uniform, from a design by sculptor Godfried Devreese. The coin was only minted in 1914, the early period of WWI; hence the military look of the design. The initials "G.D.V" appear to the left of Albert I. Around the coin reads "Albert roi des Belges" and for the first time in the history of Belgian gold coins, there was also a Dutch-language version that read "Albert koning der Belgen.
The reverse shows the face value of the coin with the coat of arms of Belgium in between; the 'Leo Belgicus' (Belgian Lion) in a keystone-shaped shield with the Order of Leopold at the bottom. The shield is covered by an ermine cloak, representing the monarchy, crowned by the royal crown of Belgium.
At the bottom left, you will again find the name 'G. Devreese' back to the designer of the coin. At the bottom of the coin is the year of issue. On the edge of the coin is embossed the slogan "*****Dieu*protège*la*Belgique" or "*****God*protect*Belgium" depending on the language in which the coin was issued.

Buying a gold 20 Belgian francs - Belgian Louis

The 20 Belgian francs - Belgian Louis and other gold coins are perfectly suitable as a purchase of physical gold. Gold coins are not taxed because they are considered monetary gold. And while all the gold coins offered by Argentor have been tested for authenticity, they are not delivered with a certificate of authenticity. That, unlike gold bars. 

Selling a gold 20 Belgian francs - Belgian Louis

You are more than welcome in our office to sell your gold 20 Belgian francs - Belgian Louis coin(s). You needn't make an appointment to do so.
Our buying prices are adapted every minute to the gold actual rate and will be hedged once you present your coin(s) in our office. You can always check our live buying prices on this page.
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