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20 French francs | Ceres

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Product features
Buying premium -1.00
Selling premium 2%
Pure weight 5.80
Purity 900/1.000 - 21,6 carat
Dimensions 21,00 mm x 1,20 mm
Manufacturer Paris Mint
Packaging The 20 French francs - Ceres is packed in a plastic coin pouch. From 50 coins, the Ceres comes in a plastic coin tube.
Certificate N.a.
Detailed product description
The 20 French francs - Ceres is a historic gold coin with a purity of 90% (21,6 carats). The Ceres has a gross weigt of 6,45 grams and has e net gold weight of 5,81 grams. The 20 French francs - Ceres is a beloved coin for both numismats and investors.

20 French francs - Ceres

The French gold Ceres coin has been produced for only three years; from 1849 to 1951. The coin was introduced during the Second French Republic, founded in 1849, after King Louis Philip's abdication in favor of his grandson Louis Philippe. However, the Second Republic did not last long and was overthrown only after 4 years by Louis Napoleon - cousin of - Bonaparte, who, after his office as a president, was crowned as Emperor of France after comitting a coup and therefor entering the Second French Empire.

Purity & weight

The gold 20 French francs - Ceres has a purity of 900/1.000 (21,6 carats) and a net gold content of 5,81 grams of gold. The remaining 0,64 grams consist of copper which gives the coin its typical light-orange shine. This alloy, incidentally, ensures that the coin is damaged less quickly which was necessary to withstand the wear by regular circulation.

Design of the gold 20 French francs - Ceres

On the front of the gold Ceres coin, the image of Marianne, the female personification of France, symbolizes the "Triumph of the Republic", freedom and reason. Marianne is pictured here as the Roman goddess Ceres, the goddess of the agriculture - grain in particular - and mother-love, with braided hair. Left and right of Marianne you will see a 'fascis' (Latin for bundle) and an olive branch respectively. The fascis is an ancient Roman symbol that indicated the authority of senior magistrates. In modern iconography, however, this symbol stands for justice and unity. The olive branch symbolizes peace, reconciliation and hope. At the bottom of the coin you see the name of engraver 'L. Merley. F. ' Around the coin you see the words 'République française'.
On the back of the coin you can see the famous words 'Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité'; the motto of France that was introduced during the French Revolution. In the middle of the coin you see a wreath of an olive and an oak branch with the nominal value of the coin. Below the wreath you find the year of issue. The letter above the year indicates the place where the coin was struck.

Buying a gold 20 French francs - Ceres

The 20 French francs - Ceres and other gold coins are perfectly suitable as a purchase of physical gold. Gold coins are not taxed because they are considered monetary gold. And while all the gold coins offered by Argentor have been tested for authenticity, they are not delivered with a certificate of authenticity. That, unlike gold bars.

Selling a gold 20 French francs - Ceres

You are more than welcome in our office to sell your gold 20 French francs - Ceres coin(s). You needn't make an appointment to do so.

Our buying prices are adapted every minute to the gold actual rate and will be hedged once you present your coin(s) in our office. You can always check our live buying prices on this page.
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