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Product features
Buying premium -1.00
Selling premium 3%1.8%
Pure weight 5.80
Purity 900/1.000 - 21,6 carat
Dimensions 21,20 mm x 1,30 mm
Manufacturer Swissmint
Packaging The 20 Swiss francs - Vreneli is packed in a plastic coin pouch. From 50 coins, the Vreneli comes in a plastic coin tube.
Certificate N.a.
Detailed product description
The 20 Swiss francs - Vreneli is a historic gold coin with a purity of 90% (21,6 carats). The Vreneli has a gross weigt of 6,45 grams and has e net gold weight of 5,81 grams. The 20 Swiss francs - Vreneli is a beloved coin for both numismats and investors and is considered by many collectors to be one of the most beautiful gold coins there.

20 Swiss francs - Vreneli

The Swiss 20 francs was issued from 1897 until 19351,  in 1947 and in 1949. At the time, the 20 Swiss francs, along with the 20 FF, 20 BEF and 20 ITL, belonged to the proverbial 'euro-for-the-euro club'. In 1945, ‘46 and ‘47, 3.500.000, 7.108.813 and 9.400.000, respectively, coins were reminted carrying the year 1935. Those restrikes can be recognized by the letter ‘L’ (lingot = bar) which is stated to the left of the year,. These coins are often mentioned in conspiracy theories about Nazi gold stored in the Swiss National Bank. However, the year simply indicates that the restrikes contain the same weight of gold as the original coins minted in 1935 (and before), before the devaluation of the Swiss franc in 1936.
1: with the exception of 1917-1921, 1923, 1924, 1928, 1929 & 1931-1934
The coin derives its name from 'Verena'2; The female personification of Switzerland - like Marianne of France and Lady Liberty of the United States - who can be seen on the obverse of the coin.he coin is called ‘Helvetia’ or ‘Tête d'Helvetia'. Before the introduction of the Vreneli the Libertas were in circulation. The Libertas was produced from 1883 to 1896 and derived its name from the word 'Libertas' that was on Verena's crown.
2: Vreneli is the diminutive of Verena in Swiss German.
Argentor mainly sells Vreneli coins. Libertas coins are available only occasionally and on specific request.

Purity & weight

The gold 20 Swiss francs - Vreneli has a purity of 900/1.000 (21,6 carats) and a net gold content of 5,81 grams of gold. The remaining 0,64 grams consist of copper which gives the coin its typical light-orange shine. This alloy, incidentally, ensures that the coin is damaged less quickly which was necessary to withstand the wear by regular circulation.

Design of the gold 20 Swiss francs - Vreneli

On the obverse you can see the image of Verena, the female personification of Switzerland, after the design of Fritz Ulysse Landry. Verena is depicted here with braided hair, looking to the left. Her collar is decorated with edelweiss flowers and behind her you can see the Swiss Alps. Above Verena is the name ‘Helvetia’ which indicates the Latin name of Switzerland ‘Confoederatio Helvetia’. At the bottom right you will find the name of the designer.
On the reverse, the Swiss coat of arms is depicted on top of an oak branch. To the left and right of the coat of arms you will find the face value of the coin. At the bottom of the coin is the year of issue; The ‘B’ to the right of it refers to the Swiss Mint in Bern. On the restrikes minted in 1945, ‘46 and ‘47, on the left of the year 1935 you will find the letter ‘L’ (lingot).
The edge of the coin was fitted with 22 stars from 1897 to 1935, representing the 22 Cantons of Switzerland. The restrikes of 1935 and the coins minted in 1947 and 1949 were minted with the inscription ‘Ad legem anno MCMXXXI’ in the edge as a reference to the gold coin law from 1931.

Buying a gold 20 Swiss francs - Vreneli

The 20 Swiss francs - Vreneli and other gold coins are perfectly suitable as a purchase of physical gold. Gold coins are not taxed because they are considered monetary gold. And while all the gold coins offered by Argentor have been tested for authenticity, they are not delivered with a certificate of authenticity. That, unlike gold bars.

Selling a gold 20 Swiss francs - Vreneli

You are more than welcome in our office to sell your gold 20 Swiss francs - Vreneli coin(s). You needn't make an appointment to do so.
Our buying prices are adapted every minute to the gold actual rate and will be hedged once you present your coin(s) in our office. You can always check our live buying prices on this page.
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