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20 Swiss francs - Vreneli

Pure weight
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  • 5,8 grams pure gold
  • 90% gold (21,6 carats)

The Swiss 20 franc, also called Vreneli, is a historic gold coin struck in 21.6 carat gold with a pure gold content of 5.8 grams. De Vreneli is one of the most popular European coins, both among numismats and investors, and is considered by many collectors to be one of the most beautiful golden coins there.

Golden 20 Swiss Franc - Vreneli
The Swiss 20 francs were struck between 1897 and 1936, 1947 and 1949, at the time, together with the 20 FF, 20 BEF and 20 ITL belonged to the euro-for-the-euro club. The coin derives its name from 'Verena'; The female personification of Switzerland - like Marianne of France and Lady Liberty of the United States - which can be seen on the front of the coin. Officially the currency is 'Helvetia' or 'Tête d'Helvetia'. Before the introduction of the Vreneli the Libertas were in circulation. The Libertas was produced from 1883 to 1896 and derived its name from the word "Libertas" that was on Verena's crown.

At Argentor you can mainly go for Vreneli coins. Libertas coins are available on request and on specific request.

Purity and weight
The golden Vreneli has a purity of 900/1000 (21.6 kt) and has a net weight of 5.8 grams.

Dimension and thickness
Ø 21.20 mm // 1.30 mm

Design of the Golden 20 Swiss Franc - Vreneli
On the front you can see the image of Verena, the female personification of Switzerland, with braided hair, looking to the left. Her collar is adorned with edelweiss flowers and behind her you can see the Swiss Alps. Above Verena is the name 'Helvetia' which refers to the Latin name of Switzerland 'Confoederatio Helvetia'.

On the other side of the coin, the Swiss shield is displayed, between the nominal value of the coin, on top of an oak branch. At the bottom of the coin the year of issue with the right of it is the coin sign; 'B' for Bern, 'AB' and 'BB' for Strasbourg, 'B.' for Brussels and 'A' for Paris. In 1945, 1946 and 1947, a total of around 20,000,000 Vrenelis were struck back in 1935; These coins can be recognized by the coin sign 'L' that is shown to the left of 1935.

The border of the coin was provided with 22 stars from 1897 to 1935, representing the 22 Cantons of Switzerland. The reprints of 1935 and the coins struck in 1947 and 1949 were smashed with the inscription 'Ad legem anno MCMXXXI' in the border as a reference to the 1931 Act.

The Golden Vreneli is packaged and sold only. From 30 coins, the Vreneli is delivered in a coin roll or kettle.

Gold 20 Swiss Franc - Buy Vreneli
The Swiss Vreneli and other gold coins can serve as a purchase of physical gold. Gold coins are not taxed because they are considered monetary gold. And while all the gold coins offered by Argentor have been tested for authenticity, they are not delivered with a certificate of authenticity. Unlike gold bars.

The year of issue of the currency shown here is purely indicative.

Because we can not order these coins, we depend on the amount of coins we buy over the counter. Therefore, please contact us before you order a larger amount of coins via the webshop.

Gold 20 Swiss Franc - Vreneli Sell
You can always go to our office for the sale of your golden 20 Swiss franc - Vreneli coin (s). Check out our live purchase prices.

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Selling premium 5.6%
Product type Coin
Pure weight 5.8 Gram
Purity 900/1.000 - 21,6 carat
Dimensions 21,20 mm x 1,30 mm
Manufacturer Swissmint
Packaging The Golden Vreneli is packaged and sold only. From 30 coins, the Vreneli is delivered in a coin roll or kettle.
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