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American Buffalo - 1 troy ounce

Pure weight
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  • 31,10 grams pure gold
  • 99,99% gold (24 carats)
The American Golden Buffalo is issued annually by the United States Mint and has a purity of 99,99% (24 carats). The coin weighs exactly 1 troy ounce (31,10 grams), making it easy to trade globally.

Golden American Buffalo
The American Buffalo is produced annually by the United States Mint and was first introduced by the US government in 2006. Previously, only the golden American Eagle had a net weight of 1 troy ounce, but due to the mortgage crisis and uncertain financial situation due to the banking crisis, there was increasing demand for pure coins. The American Buffalo was born.

Purity & weight
The golden American Buffalo has a purity of 999,9 /1.000, making it the first gold coin of 24 carats that hit the US government for the public. The coin contains exactly 31.10 grams, or 1 troy ounce of gold. Thanks to this purity, the American Buffalo is a real investment currency and is very easy to trade worldwide.

Design of the golden American Buffalo
The design of the American Buffalo is a rework of James Earle Fraser's design for the 'Indian Head Nickel', which was introduced in 1913. Fraser's design is considered as one of the best designs of American coins out there. On the front is an image of an Indian who has created Fraser himself from the facial features of three chiefs of three different tribes; Big Tree, Iron Tail and Two Moons, who stood for him. On the top right, the motto is 'Liberty' and the bottom of the left is the year of publication and the letter 'F' (from Fraser). On the proof version of the American Buffalo, the letter "W" refers to the West Point Mint in New York, where all American gold coins are struck. The bullion version of the American Buffalo doesn't have this feature. 

The back of the American Buffalo features an image of an American bison, after which the coin is named. Many believe that the image is based on a bison called Black Diamond, which lived in the New York City Central Park Zoo during the 1910s. In addition, at the top of the coin you see 'United States of America', including the United States old motto: 'E Pluribus Unum'. At the bottom of the coin the nominal value, the weight, the purity content are displayed together with the motto "In God we trust".

Buying a Golden American Buffalo
The golden American Buffalo and other gold coins can serve as a purchase of physical gold. Gold coins are not taxed because they are considered monetary gold. And while all the gold coins offered by Argentor have been tested for authenticity, they are not delivered with a certificate of authenticity. That, unlike gold bars. 

Selling a Golden American Buffalo
You are more than welcome in our office to sell your golden American Buffalo coin(s). You needn't make an appointment to do so.

You can easily check our live buying prices on this page. These prices are adapted every minute and will only be hedged once you present the coin(s) in our office. 
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Selling premium 11.5%
Product type Coin
Pure weight 31.1 Gram
Purity 999,9/1.000 - 24 carat
Dimensions 32,70 mm x 2,87 mm
Manufacturer United States Mint
Packaging More info coming soon
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