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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

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  • Does Argentor also buy gold/silver?
    Yes. First and foremost, Argentor is a refinery of precious metals. You can come to us with your old gold and old silver. But also with your investment gold and pure silver. You can find more information on argentorshop.be/en/selling


  • How do I know whether the gold bars shipped by Argentor are pure gold?
    Argentor only supplies newly cast gold bars from its own refinery (E.me.Ko.). We strongly advise against buying second hand bars or bars that have already been in circulation. Even bars from so-called “good delivery refineries” do not offer any guarantee if they have already been in circulation. So you can only buy these good delivery bars - with 100% purity guarantee - at the refinery itself or when they are traded between licensed refineries (i.e. Umicore-Argentor).
  • Member of the Royal Mint of Belgium?
    Yes. As an approved trader Argentor Essayeurs BVBA has been connected with the Royal Mint of Belgium and subcribed to the trade register as of 1997. The Royal Belgian Mint strikes all official coins, that are later distributed by the National Bank of Belgium. For more information see europemint.eu

  • Where can I sell my gold bars?
    The gold bars from Argentor and good delivery refineries like Umicore and Metalor are accepted worldwide and are traded directly on the market. For over 27 years, more than 50 kg of E.me.Ko bars are entered into trade on a daily basis. You can sell these gold bars to us, an exchange office, a bank or trader in precious metal, at any moment, in Belgium or abroad.

  • What does E.me.Ko. mean?
    E.me.Ko is short for Edelmetalen Kortrijk (precious metals Kortrijk). This is the sister company of Argentor where the actual refining of the precious metals, such as gold, silver, platinum, palladium, copper, etc., takes place. Since 1985, E.me.Ko is recognized by the Royal Belgian Mint for casting 999.9 gold and silver bars. As a result, the E.me.Ko stamp offers you a 100% guarantee that you are buying real gold.
  • What does good delivery mean?
    Good delivery gold bars are gold bars from a refinery included on the good delivery list. Here you can find more information and the good delivery list.

Briefly, this means:

  • The refinery has at least £ 15 million own net tangible value
  • It processes more than 10 tons of gold per year
  • It processes more than 30 tons of silver per year

As soon as the good delivery bar leaves the refinery, it is no longer good delivery. From that moment on, it is possible it has been falsified. This means that an online supplier can never offer good delivery. It can, however, offer gold bars coming from a refinery included on the good delivery list. We advise investors to buy directly from the refinery (i.e. Argentor).

  • Can I also buy gold bars with a good delivery status from Argentor?
    Yes, besides the E.me.Ko gold bars from our own refinery, Argentor also offers LBMA-certified bars. These bars come directly from the METALOR or Umicore refinery. That is why, we can guarantee our bars are 99.99% pure gold.
  • Do the gold bars come with a certificate of authenticity?
    All E.Me.Ko gold bars of 250 grams, 500grams and 1000grams come with a certificate of authenticity. By specific request we can also provide these plastic card certificates for the smaller bars. In principle, you do not need this certificate to trade your gold bar, but it does provide some additional support and certainty for your purchase.

  • Why is there a price difference between Argentor and other suppliers?
    Argentor can supply from its own refinery, a thing other online suppliers cannot. They act as intermediaries and can therefore not guarantee the best terms. Feel free to look around and compare our prices to those of other online suppliers.

  • What is the metal account?
    The metal account (also called control account) is a gold account which you can be used to have Argentor store your products. That way, you do not have to worry about picking up your products or about delivery. We have a secure vault at our disposal, which is insured for 100%. Your precious metals are safe with Argentor.

  • How do I buy/sell gold using the metal account?
    If you wish to buy gold or silver using your control account, you will first have to create an account. As soon as you are logged in, you can buy/sell gold. You will immediately receive the price for the purchase of gold and silver. If you have correctly completed the payment procedure and we have received your payment, you will see the precious metals appear in your account. From that moment on, you can start trading. Next, you decide when you wish to sell your physical gold or silver. That way, you can manage your own portfolio and you can sell when the gold or silver prices have reached the desired levels.
    In a way, you can manage your gold account in the same way you manage your normal bank account.

  • Why is there a price difference between the control account and the price of gold and silver bars?
    Using a control account, Argentor can lower its prices even further because the products are stored in large quantities. Your purchases do not have to be set aside in a vault every time, but your purchase is part of an interbank gold bar (+/- 12.5 kg) in a highly secured and insured vault at Brinks. That way, the value of the control accounts is represented by actual gold at any given moment. This ensures that your purchases are 100% safe when done at Argentor.

  • When can I buy and sell using the control account?
    With the help of your account, you can trade gold and silver 24/7 using your control account.



  • Are there different prices for bigger orders?
    No. The prices remain the same remain the same for large volumes. For smaller orders we additionally charge an administration fee (see below). For investments over € 50,000 it is best to contact us for personal advice. Please contact us on the following number: +32 2 899 89 02 or +32 3 232 31 99.
  • Are all the prices shown on the website the current prices?
    Yes, all the prices on our website in and in your shopping cart are updated every minute based on the current gold and silver rates (London spot).

  • What does ‘setting up an alert' mean?
    If you wish to receive an e-mail when the gold or silver prices reach a certain point, you can set this up by logging into your account and indicating the desired prices. You will receive an automatically generated e-mail at the address you specified. You can immediately start buying gold or silver and that way, you buy your precious metals at the price you choose.


  • What is the delivery time for my order?
    Argentor has a very ample stock, which means that most of the time, we are able to supply directly from our stock. On our website you can check the current availability. If a product is available, you can expect delivery the latest two working days after we have received your payment.
  • How long will an order via manual bank transfer remain valid?
    All payments much reach our financial institution within two working days. To ensure you comply with this term, it is best to complete the bank transfer immediately after placing your order. If you do not comply with the term and we do not receive the money in a timely fashion, the transaction will be cancelled.

  • Can I have my order shipped or should I come pick it up?
    This is completely up to you. If you do not want to be walking down the street with your gold, silver, platinum or palladium, you can choose to have it delivered. Prices for delivery range between € 35 and € 100, depending on the insured value and the weight of the shipment. You can also choose to pick up your order, free of charge. This is possible from the moment you have received your order confirmation in your mailbox.
  • I did not receive any confirmation email, What do I do?
    Do not panic too soon, I may take several minutes for the confirmation mail to be generated and reach you inbox. Also make sure to check your spamfilter. In some cases the spamfilter withholds automatically generated messages such as this on. You can also contact us directly by phone or mail to info@argentorshop.be.


  • What are the payment methods?
    For Belgium: manual bank transfer. As soon as we have received the due amount, you will receive a confirmation via e-mail and your products will be shipped to you.
    For The Netherlands: You can pay instantly using iDeal and you will also receive your order confirmation immediately.

  • Can I pay cash?
    You cannot pay cash using the online shop. However, you can come to our office in Antwerp and pay cash for any order under € 3000.
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