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1. Adding precious metals to your shopping cart

Allereerst maakt u een keuze in de edelmetalen die u wenst te bestellen. U komt vervolgens in de caddy en ziet daarin het product dat u zojuist heeft toegevoegd. In de caddy kunt u de aantallen indien gewenst nog aanpassen.

Indien u verschillende producten wilt bestellen, gaat u vanuit de caddy terug naar de webwinkel en voegt u de resterende producten toe.

2. Your details

When you have added all the products you wish to order to your shopping cart, you click on the Order button. You start by filling out your details. If you have already placed an order with us before, you can log in using your account, if you have one. Next, you can select the shipping and payment methods.

3. Confirming your order

Finally, you check whether your order and your details are correct, you add any necessary remarks to your order and you confirm.

4. Payment


Customers who have a Belgian bank card, can transfer the money via a manual bank transfer. In that case, we must receive the payment within two working days or the transaction will be cancelled.
If you choose for the payment method iDeal (NL), you can pay directly after confirming your order. After payment, you will receive your payment confirmation and you will return to our website.

5. Order confirmation and invoice

After we have received your payment, you will automatically receive an order confirmation. The invoice will be sent afterwards. Also when you have confirmed your order and paid using iDeal, you will automatically receive an order confirmation.

6. Shipment or storage

Your precious metals will be shipped or, if applicable, stored directly (control account). Shipment will be done via courier Ferrari. Delivery will take place 24 hours after receiving your payment.

Actual rate :
GOLDper kilo
SILVERper kilo
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Annual Christmas holidays 2019 - 2020:
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VAT: BE 0431.852.314
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