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Did you know that Argentor also recuperates diamonds from scrap gold? Argentor recuperates diamonds from scrap gold without damaging them by chemical solution.

Recuperation of diamonds from scrap gold
We efficiently recuperate diamonds without damaging them by chemical solution.
Afterwards you can sell the gold to Argentor, have it delivered back to you in purified form or deposit it on a metal account. If so desired, we can bring you into contact with a diamond trader for the sale of your diamonds.
Questions regarding the recuperation of diamonds and precious stones? Do not hesitate to contact us!

Rates & delays
The cost for refining with recuperation of diamonds is calculated based on the weight before melting with a minimum of 1 kilogram.
Refinement gold with recuperation of diamonds1
350€/kg + 50€/analysis + 21% VAT
+ restitution of gold: 99,5%
+ restitution of diamonds: 100%
+ processing delay: 1-3 working weeks
+ minimum cost: €400 + 21% VAT
1: In case of a chemical solution of diamonds it is not possible to restitute silver, platinum or palladium.

Delivery & handling procedure
1. You deliver the material yourself to our office.
During opening hours, you can always come to our office, without appointment, to deliver your scrap gold with diamonds for refining.
2. You take a ticket 'delivery refinery' at the kiosk in our waiting room.
Clients who deliver material for refining & processing are always given priority at the counters. That way you won't lose precious time spending waiting for your turn in our office.
3. The material is handed over and checked by our employees.
Our employees check - as far as possible - the composition and weight of the delivered materials. You receive a copy of the delivery note.
4. If so desired, and if possible, you can ask for an advance.
Based on the composition and weight of the delivered material, we can already buy - if possible - a part of the purified precious metals or deliver them back to you as part of an advance payment. That way your working capital is minimally affected.
5. We notify you as soon as your material has been processed.
As soon as the results of refining and analysis are ready, our employees will inform you by e-mail or telephone. You will receive a detailed overview of the results by e-mail.
6. Processing of the results.
You can sell your return to Argentor, have it delivered back to you in purified form or deposit it on a metal account. Our employees create the necessary invoices and provide you with a copy for your bookkeeping.
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