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Silver bar 1 kilogram - Remondis Argentia

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  • 1 kilogram pure silver
  • 99,9% silver (999)
Newly poured 1.000 grams silver bar from the German, LBMA associated refinery, Remondis Argentia. Argentor only delivers newly casted/ poured silver bars; the only way to assure the purity and quality. Remondis Argentia silver bars are recognised worldwide and easy to trade, thanks to their 'good delivery' status. They are made of the purest possible silver (999) but, contrary to Metalor silver bars, they come without certifcat. 

Remondis Argentia
Since it was established in 1934, Remondis has grown to become a leading international organisation in water management and recycling. Thanks to its solid family company foundation, the company is rich in traditions. Remondis supplies a wide range of services around the world. The group has more than 500 branches in 21 European countries, plus others as far away as Africa, Asia and Australia. Globally, more than 20 million citizens relay on the services provided by the Remondis Group

Within the commercial group, Remondis Argentia is the specialist when it comes to the recycling of platinum, palladium, gold, silver and other valuable materials from the most diverse of waste fractions. The result of their extensive processing is pure precious metal, free of toxic materials and contamination. Remondis Argentia processes a wide range of waste products from numerous sectors: galvanised baths and deposit produced during surface treatment, emulsions from the film and photographic industry. Cleaning cloths, paste residues and packaging used by solar cell manufacturers, printing plates, wafers and other components from the electronics industry, paint and paste residues from glass and mirror production processes and the chemicals industry, paper and cardboard from printing companies that operate in the packaging industry, melting pots and slags from precious metal forges, jewellery, filings and polishing waste from jewellery producers. 

Good Delivery
Remondis is a LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) certified refinery and, therefore, delivers 'good delivery' silver bars. Only refineries who meet the requirements of the London Bullion Market Association are incorpotated into the LBMA Good Delivery List.

Shortly, that means that a refinery:

Holds a minimum of £15.000.000 in own tangible value,

treats more than 10 tons of gold annually and

treats more than 50 tons of silver annually.

Tradable worldwide
Remondis Argentia silver bars are recognised worldwide and easy to trade, thanks to their 'good delivery' status. You can easily sell your Remondis Argentia silver bars at our office, but just as well at exchange offices or to banks or other traders, both inland as abroad. 


All Remondis Argentia silver bars come in a soft plastic bag.

Buying a 1.000 grams Remondis Argentia silver bar 
Remondis Argentia silver bars serve perfectly as a purchase of physical silver but do take into account that buying silver bars is not preferable for private customers. 21% TVA will always be charged because silver is seen as an industrial good, in stead of an investment product. That is why silver bars are not interesting for private customers; they will never be able to reclaim the TVA they initially payed. Instead, silver coins are a more interesting alternative, because they are sold under the TVA margin. 

Selling a 1.000 grams Remondis Argentia silver bar 

You are always welcome in our office to sell your silver bar(s). Please check our indicative buying rates on this page.

More Information
Buying premium -5%
Selling premium 8%
product type Bar
Pure weight 1000 Gram
Purity 999/1.000 - Fine Silver
Dimensions 24mm * 44mm * 9mm
Manufacturer Remondis-Argentia
Packaging All Remondis Argentia silver bars come in a soft plastic bag.
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