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Product features
Buying premium 10.00
Selling premium 52%
Pure weight 622.00
Purity 999/1.000 - Fine Silver
Dimensions 40,60 mm x 2,98 mm
Manufacturer United States Mint
Packaging Original plastic coin tube of the United States Mint containing 20 coins
Certificate N/a
Detailed product description
The American Silver Eagle is issued annually by the Royal Mint and is made of 99,9% silver. The silver Eagle weighs exactly 1 troy ounce (31,10 grams). The tube contains 25 coins.
American Silver Eagle
The American Silver Eagle issued annually by the United States Mint. It was introduced in 1997 as an official silver bullion coin of the United States.
Purity & weight
The Silver Eagle has a purity of 999/1.000 and weighs exactly 31,10 grams (1 troy ounce). Its purity and weight make it a proper bullion coin, acknowledged worldwide and easy to trade. The tube contains 20 coins, which makes 622 grams of fine silver per tube.
Design of the American Silver Eagle
The face shows the reworking of Adolph A Weimans' 'Walking Liberty' that was used originally on the $0,50 Walking Liberty coins. Lady Liberty is the personification of the United States of America and is portrayed wearing a Phrygian cap, holding an oak branch in her left hand and with the American flag 'Stars and Stripes' draped around her shoulders. She is walking towards the rising sun, which symbolises the dawn of a new era, and reaches out her hand as a symbol for freedom.
Right next to Lady Liberty you see the motto 'In God we trust' and around her portrait the inscription 'Liberty'. At the bottom of the coin you will find the year of mintage. The initials of the original designer, Adolph A Weimans, can be found in the hem of Lady Liberty's dress.
The reverse features an image of the heraldic eagle behind a shield, which symbolises the nation. In its beak it carries two ribbons debossed with the old motto of the United States of America 'E Pluribus Unum' (Out of many, one). In its left claw, the eagle carries three arrows and in its right one he holds an olive branch.
The thirteen stars above the eagle represent the original states of the U.S. Around the coin, you'll see ‘United States of America’ standing at the top and at the bottom you'll find the weight, purity and nominal value of the coin (1 oz. fine silver ~ one dollar). On the eagle's right you can see the initials of the U.S. Mint's former chief engraver, John Mercanti. The letter at the left of the eagle implies the location where the coin has been minted.
Buying an American Silver Eagle
The silver American Eagle and other silver coins serve perfectly as a purchase of physical silver. Opposed to silver bars you needn't pay VAT because silver coins are traded under the VAT margin regulation.
Selling an American Silver Eagle
You are more than welcome in our office to sell your silver American Eagle coins. You needn’t make an appointment to do so. Our buying prices are adapted every minute to the actual silver rate and will only be hedged once you present your coins in our office. You can easily check our live buying rates on this page.
We only buy silver American Eagle coins in the same quantities as we sell them: tubes of 25 coins or boxes of 500 coins. We do not buy single silver ounce coins. Single silver ounce coins are bought as scrap silver at the rate corresponding to the purity of the silver.
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Just what they promise they deliver without hassle. if any questions arise there is a fast personal response. Will be back for more, 4sure ;)
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