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Koala - 1 kilogram - 2021

Pure weight
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  • 1 kilogram pure silver
  • 99,9% silver (999)
The Australian Koala is issued annually by the Perth Mint and has a purity of 99,9%. It contains exactly 1 kilogram of pure silver, which makes it an interesting alternative for private customers who wish to buy 1 kilo of silver. Furthermore, the design that changes every year ads to the numismatic appeal of the coin.

Silver Australian Koala
The silver Koala is issued annually by the Perth Mint en was introduced in 2000.

Dimensions and thickness
Ø 100,20 mm // 14,60 mm

Purity and weight
The silver Koala is 999/1.000 pure and weighs exactly 1 kilogram. Its purity and weight make it a proper bullion coin, acknowledged worldwide and easy to trade. Because silver coins are sold under the VAT margin regulation, the silver Lunar is an interesting alternative for private customers who wish to buy 1 kilo of silver since they needn't pay 21% VAT on the purchase of this coin.

Design of the silver Australian Koala 
The obverse shows the image of a koala. The design of this image is adapted every year. Mentioned on top you can find the name of the coin 'Australian Koala'. At the bottom you can find the year of mintage together with the weight and purity of the coin '1 kilo 999 silver'.

The reverse shows the image of Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of the Commonwealth of Nations. Around her portrait you can find the inscription 'Queen Elizabeth II' on the left and 'Australia' on the right. At the bottom of the coin you can find the face value of the coin, 30 dollars. 

The Australian Koala is packed seperately in a hard plastic coin holder.

Buying a silver Australian Koala
Silver coins serve perfectly as a purchase of physical silver. Opposed to silver bars you needn't pay VAT because silver coins are traded under the VAT margin regulation. Bottom line that means that a trader of silver coins has to pay VAT but only on the profit he makes and not on the total revenue of the transaction. In other words, the VAT will not be charged directly to the customer but will be part of the premium you pay upon buying silver coins.

Even though all coins offered by Argentor are tested, they are never delivered with certificate as opposed to silver bars.

Selling a silver Australian Koala
You can always turn to Argentor Essayeurs to sell your Australian Koala coin(s). You can look up our buying prices on the following page.
More Information
Buying premium 12%
Selling premium 32%
product type Coin
Pure weight 1000 Gram
Purity 999/1.000 - Fine Silver
Dimensions 100,6 mm x 14,6 mm
Manufacturer Perth Mint
Argentor Essayeurs
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