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Maple Leaf - 25 x 1 troy ounce - Tube

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€ 578,66
  • 777,50 grams pure silver
  • 99,9% silver (999)
  • In stock

The silver Canadian Maple Leaf is issued annually by the Canadian Mint and contains exactly 1 troy ounce of pure silver (= 31,10 grams). The silver Maple Leaf is made of 99,99% pure silver, which makes it the first and only silver bullion coin with this purity. The tube contains 25 coins.

Silver Maple Leaf
The silver Maple Leaf is issued annually by the Canadian Mint en was introduced in 1988 by the Canadian Dominion.

Dimensions and thickness
Ø 37,90 mm // 3,30 mm

Purity and weight
The silver Maple Leaf is 999,9/1.000 pure and is the first coin to ever achieve this fineness in silver. The silver Maple Leaf weighs exactly 31,10 grams (= 1 troy ounce). Its purity and weight make it a proper bullion coin, acknowledged worldwide and easy to trade.

Design of the silver Canadian Maple Leaf
The obverse shows the image of a maple leaf - the national symbol of Canada - with the purity of the coin (9999) mentioned on both sides of the maple leaf. On top of the coin you see the inscription 'Canada' and at the bottom you find the weight, expressed in both English and French: 'fine silver 1 oz argent pur'. Recent Maple Leafs (mintage starting from 2013) show a miniature version of the leaf in the right corner under the large maple leaf image. Within this miniature maple leaf you will find the year of mintage. The Canadian Mint uses this micro-engraving technique to guarantee the authenticity of the coin. Furthermore, all Maple Leafs, minted starting from 2015, have a radial laser-engraved surface.

The reverse shows the image of Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of the Commonwealth of Nations. Beneath her portrait you can find the face value of the Maple Leaf together with the year of mintage.

The silver Maple Leaf coins (25 pieces) come in the original tube from the Canadian Mint. The dimensions of this tube are 4,5 cm x 4,5 cm x 10,5 cm. 

Buying a silver Canadian Maple Leaf tube
Silver coins serve perfectly as a purchase of physical silver. Opposed to silver bars you needn't pay VAT because silver coins are traded under the VAT margin regulation. Bottom line that means that a trader of silver coins has to pay VAT but only on the profit he makes and not on the total revenue of the transaction. In other words, the VAT will not be charged directly to the customer but will be part of the premium you pay upon buying silver coins.

Even though all coins offered by Argentor are tested, they are never delivered with certificate as opposed to silver bars.

The year of mintage mentioned on the photo is merely indicative.

Selling a silver Canadian Maple Leaf tube
You can always turn to Argentor Essayeurs to sell your silver Canadian Maple Leaf tube(s). You can look up our buying prices on the following page.

Meer informatie
Buying premium 3%
Selling premium 40%
product type Coin
Pure weight 777,5 Gram
Purity 999/1.000 - Fine Silver
Dimensions Meer info volgt
Manufacturer Royal Canadian Mint
Verpakking The silver Maple Leaf coins (25 pieces) come in the original tube from the Canadian Mint. The dimensions of this tube are 4,5 cm x 4,5 cm x 10,5 cm.