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Welcome to Argentor Essayeurs
Your online partner for buying gold and silver

Welcome to the homepage of argentorshop, the online buying platform of Argentor Essayeurs BVBA, your house of confidence. At argentorshop, you are at the right address for buying gold and silver. We offer the possibility to order from a wide array of coins and bars with a simple click of a button.

Our online prices are continuously updated based on the current gold and silver rates. These prices inclide both "premiums" and "VAT".


Why Argentor?
Argentor was founded in 1987 by Andre Coeckelbergh. Before Argentor, André had 10 years of experience at Degussa as head of the bullion trade and recuperation, catalysts, electroplating and precious metal based chemicals. During this period he passed the essaying-exam at the Royal Mint of Belgium and was recognized as Commercial Essayer in Precious Metals. A few years later, the company “Argentor Essayers was a fact. Through his passion, expertise and impeccable reputation Argentor became a leading, successful and trustworthy company in the metal trading business. In 2010 the company is acquired by Jelle Oostvogels and Guido Cheers.

After an intensive collaboration with Andre Coeckelbergh, from 2011 onwards they take the full responsibility for the professional service which Argentor entails. Argentor is, above all, a trustworthy partner in the business of precious metals trading. Currently a professional and motivated team of 10 people guarantee the settlement of the purchase, processing and sale of precious metals. The processing takes place mainly in the refinery E.me.Ko. The refinery operates independently alongside Argentor. We are in the first place a thrustwurthy partner for the investor - large and small, professional or recreational . All transactions are processed in discretion and confidentiallity. Our website meets the highest safety standards to ensure your discretion and security, moreover Argentor can always supply new products , so your chance of buying counterfeit precious metal is reduced to 0 .


We stand for:
• Lowest price guarantee
• More than 27 years of experience
• Secured delivery
• Discrete

    and we distinguish ourselves from our competitors through:
    • New bars from our own refinery (999.9) and new gold and silver bars from LBMA refineries
    • Large stock of gold and silver coins at the lowest prices
    • Automatic price updates, even in your shopping cart
    • Possibility to sell all your gold and silver at our office in Antwerp
    • Personal and very quick service, suited to every customer

      Do not hesitate any longer and order your coins and bars from Argentor today!

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      Contact details

      Lange Herentalsestraat 52
      BE - 2018 Antwerpen
      Tel.: +32 3 232 31 99
      VAT: BE 0431.852.314
      Argentor Essayeurs Te vinden op Lange Herentalsestraat 52, Antwerpen, 2018, Antwerpen, Belgium. Telefoonnummer: +32 3 232 31 99. .